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Customs Examination Hold Notice

Hello Client,

This is to inform you that your shipment has been selected by US Customs for examination. Regardless of the type of examination such as X-Ray, Tailgate, Intensive etc. there will be a delay in shipping your goods.

There are cost​s​ involved to perform the examination required by the customs and special handling on our part for a fee. Customs bonded/authorized vendors​/agents are used to facilitate this exam and their charges are invoiced to you at actual.

Multiple functions from Shipping line to rebook/rol​l-over the booking, ​the port ​Terminal to facilitate the container movement, Trucker to carry cargo to examination site, Warehouse to facilitate the availability of cargo for examination & store​d​ till released by customs and later load​ed​ back to send back to port/terminal for shipping etc., ​to ​make this happen and we follow through to expedite the process to minimize the delay & expense.

Though examination​s​ are sporadic, occasional and cause is not known unless disclosed by Customs, they may make it prohibitive to ship the goods to final destination. Efforts can be made to stop the shipment & give alternative choices such ​as ​return to sender, dispose off etc., if you notify us in time & customs would allow, as it might not make sen​se to continue the journey due to various reasons such as the expense​s accumulated, receiver don't want goods etc.

As soon as we know the costs applicable to your shipment, you are informed to pay immediately as a delay in payment may cause the amount to increase daily due to the​ fact that the goods are in storage/detention.

The examination could cost from None​ ($0), $200 to $2000 or more and until examined it's hard to predict. All vendors wants payment before releasing the shipment & no credit is granted. If we have multiple shipments in a container, we end up paying all the charges and divide them by shipment to collect from individual shippers before releasing the shipment.

Customs conveys notification of examination via their automated system linked with carrier/broker/forwarder & sometimes is simply by phone only. If for some reason the customs decide to seize your goods, you will be notified as well.

If any of you wish to contact the Authorities or Carrier, we can provide you the details. We will keep you posted with the progress and the change in ETA of your shipment at destination. We thrive to serve you to the best of our ability.

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