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Insurance for Cargo

Protect your cargo with AIR 7 SEAS affordable and versatile cargo insurance coverages

Our Coverage

Marine cargo insurance coverage is important to protect your goods from exposure to risks during transit. Freight forwarder cargo insurance can help you avoid catastrophe and minimize the potential losses and collateral damage to your business if something undesirable happens to your cargo during transit. Here’s what AIR 7 SEAS international cargo insurance offers to help you mitigate the risk involved during transportation:

(FPA - Total Loss) / (FPA with average - Basic risk) Coverage

With our total loss coverage type, you can cover a total loss or damage to the entire shipment because of any natural calamities or accidents during transit. The FPA’s coverage is available for all your goods, irrespective of the conditions. Total loss insurance type covers products that are packed by professionals, non-professionals, and products packed from your end.

Risks Covered : AIR 7 SEAS cargo insurance can help cover your shipment under natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, fire, lightning, stranding, cyclones, sinking, and hurricanes. The risk cover includes undesirable incidents like sprinkler leakage, jettison, overturning, or other accidents to the truck, trains, boats, or planes, derailments, and collisions.

All Risk Coverage

The second type of cargo insurance offered at AIR 7 SEAS includes insurance cover for a partial or total loss and damage of your goods while in transit from any external cause. We offer the broadest all-risk coverage plans when compared to other offers in the industry. With few exclusions and cost-effective prices, we offer the best all-risk coverage insurance deals for your cargo’s safety. However, in order to get the cargo insured under All Risk, the cargo has to be packed professionally.

Cargo Insurance Risks Coverage - Comparison

S.No. Loss Caused By or Resulting From All Risks FPA (Total Loss)*
1 Stranding Yes Yes
2 Sinking Yes Yes
3 Burning Yes Yes
4 Collision Yes Yes
5 Faults or errors in management of the vessel Yes Yes
6 Bursting of boilers Yes Yes
7 Latent defects in hull; or machinery Yes Yes
8 Explosion Yes Yes
9 Jettison Yes Yes
10 Heavy weather Yes No
11 Seawater as a result of heavy weather Yes No
12 Freshwater Yes No
13 Improper stowage by the carrier Yes No
14 Hook damage, mud and grease Yes No
15 Theft of an entire shipping package Yes No
16 Non-Delivery of an entire shipping package Yes No
17 Pilferage Yes No
18 Leakage Yes No
19 Breakage Yes No


Since 1986

in the business

We have over 40+ years of experience and knowledge of shipping lines serving with required certifications. We understand the minute details and requirements of the ocean freight shipment industry and strive forward to deliver the best experience to our clients.

Designed to protect your cargo, we at AIR 7 SEAS offer tailored insurance policies and end-to-end shipment processing results to help you minimize the risk of financial loss and mental troubles during the transit process. You can ensure that your shipment experiences a combination of world-class logistics and insurance solutions.
Our inland cargo insurance covers multiple commodities, including reefer products. With years of experience helping businesses transport their shipments with utmost safety, we understand the importance of cargo shipment. Our cargo insurance offers are tailored to fulfill your requirements.
While transporting your cargo from one location to another, it is exposed to various risks. From natural disasters to accidents, theft to other undesirable situations, our comprehensive coverage helps you bypass the pain of losses along with financial damages.
We remove the friction to help you easily access AIR 7 SEAS cargo shipment services. The completely integrated ecosystem of our online booking portal with cargo insurance makes it simple for you to avail of cargo coverage throughout the supply chain in no time.
We want you to avoid the hassles of managing different bills for your freight shipment. Our cargo insurance billing amount will be included in a regular AIR 7 SEAS Freight Invoice to simplify the process and make bill settlements in one place.
Irrespective of the mode of transport you choose for your shipment, our cargo insurance helps you keep your shipment insured throughout the supply chain. From departure to arrival, door-to-door to international shipment, we take away your financial risk and provide you the peace of mind you deserve.
Our cargo insurance types are planned to cater to your special requirements. With our two types of contracts, insurance per shipment and insurance coverage for every shipment upfront, we help you accomplish your shipment results with finesse.

Additional Services

We also arrange to provide security customs bond for single entry or full year validity

Single entry customs bond

The single entry bond is a particular type of customs import bond that guarantees all the required taxes, duties, and fees are paid to U.S. customs during the import of your goods.

FDA rejection coverage

We also offer FDA-rejection coverage in case your shipment gets detained in violation of FDA laws and regulations. It can help you cover the financial losses for your destroyed or explored shipment.

In-transit storage coverage

Our in-transit storage coverage extends to the temporary storage of your goods during the normal course of transit. It can help you avoid loss or damage during the storage process during the transit of goods through the rail, road, sea, or air routes.

Carnet insurance bond

We can provide a carnet insurance bond, which helps you recover both the payment of duties and taxes and the cost of the goods in the case of theft on a carnet.

Continuous customs bond

We also provide you with a continuous customs bond that covers all your shipments that are imported within one year once you purchase the continuous bond. The continuous import bond can help you through the repeated process of single-entry bonds for your shipments.

FOB coverage

The free-on-board coverage implies that we’ll cover your goods until your shipments are placed on the vessel as desired by the buyer. The marine insurance covers FOB shipping, which means delivering FOB freight using a particular route specified by you.

Exhibition/Exposition/Shows/Carnet etc.

We help you cover the transportation costs to the different exhibitions, expositions, trade shows, etc. It can minimize the hassles and troubles of safe and secure transportation of products nationally and internationally.

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