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Handling from fruits and vegetables to seafood, from eCommerce to critical pharmaceutical and medical products is ease.

Our Responsibilities

Proper identification and labelling

We handle and process perishable goods efficiently by using labels and identification marks with clear storage instructions to preserve the quality and condition of your perishable cargo.


Our expert team also has access to the best packaging material and latest technology to ship your perishable cargo carefully. With our experience and knowledge, we minimize the risk of intense environments and excessive temperatures to keep your goods fresh until delivery.


As part of our perishable goods shipment solutions, our preservation methods ensure your cargo handles overly humid environments with finesse. We place your goods in coolants from top to bottom of the cargo for enhanced preservation.


Our specialized warehouse storage and handling provide an ideal and optimal environment for your goods to retain their freshness. At AIR 7 SEAS, you’ll experience special handling by trained personnels to improve the shelf life after delivery.


Our years of experience in shipping perishable goods enable us to handle the end-to-end documentation to help you simplify your transportation. Our team will complete all cross-border documentation to help you escape the hassles of legal troubles.


We offer minimum transit time to help you deliver the best quality products based on your requirements and budget. Our expert will offer you the best shipment consultation and solution for your perishable consignment. We’ll choose the right transportation mode for economical and swift shipment.

Reason to count on us

A leading Freight Transportation Solution Provider since 1986 in USA. We deliver Your cargo - When You Need It and Where You Need It.

We offer tailored packaging solutions based on your specific shipping requirements. Our team will securely pack the consignment to retain the freshness of your perishable requirements.
Our end-to-end perishable goods shipment solutions offer a single source for your products' warehousing, packing, and shipping. Quality customer experience is paramount at AIR 7 SEAS, so we ensure you don’t face any hassles while shipping your perishable consignment.
Considering each cargo's time and temperature sensitivity, we use modern equipment to ship your perishable consignment. Our robust logistic ecosystem removes the friction to help you deliver the goods as fresh as possible.
We put the time-sensitive goods in a cooler as soon as we receive a shipment to avoid the impact of unfavorable external factors.
To maintain the quality of your perishable goods, we use best-in-class gel packs as coolants instead of wet ice to maintain a longer cooling impact. It helps us maintain cold temperatures between 34ºF (1ºC) and 50ºF (10ºC).
Our state-of-the-art perishable shipment ecosystem uses pre-coolers, coolers, and freezers at all freight storage during transit.
AIR 7 SEAS has an expert team of professionals with certification for quality control, food safety, and risk management. We only onboard talented and creative individuals who can help us improve our perishable goods results.
With nearly 40 years of experience helping businesses and individuals with handling and shipping perishable goods, we can help you achieve the same with the utmost safety. We understand even the minutest details of shipping perishable goods to deliver the best experience to our clients.
We maintain a completely transparent process and have a robust online portal to help you access real-time details of your perishable goods consignments. You’ll be informed instantly once your consignment reaches its destination.


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Fresh fruits and nuts
Fresh fruits and nuts

We ensure you can ship fresh fruits and nuts without exposing them to a heated environment or an unfavorable shipment process.


Minimize the transit time and maintain the quality of your vegetables with AIR 7 SEAS’ professional shipment services.

Spices and Dried Herbs
Spices and Dried Herbs

We securely pack the species and dried herbs to maintain their quality for better shipment results.

Food Items
Food Items

Fresh and frozen seafood, poultry, meat, eggs, cheese, dairy products, bread, and frozen foods have a short shelf life, therefore, a short selling time. We ensure that safety and quality are maintained with quick transportation results.

Baked Goods and Confectionary
Baked Goods and Confectionary

Shipping time-sensitive baked products and confectionery requires utmost dedication in packaging and transportation. We at AIR 7 SEAS do that with utmost care and efficiency while maintaining its shelf-life.


We help in the safe and fresh transportation of cut flowers, florist greens, tropical flowers, and potted plants. Our professional air quality management, temperature control, room pressure, and cooling technology help us deliver the best flower shipping results.

Cosmetics Products
Cosmetics Products

We ensure your cosmetics products don’t get impacted by unfavorable external factors, which helps maintain the quality of the products.

Pharmaceutical drugs
Pharmaceutical drugs

When shipping or storing temperature-dependent medicines, we ensure controlled room temperatures (CRT).


A leading Freight Transportation Solution Provider since 1986 in USA. We deliver Your cargo - When You Need It and Where You Need It.


Pharma industry


Poultry and meat processors


Dairy producers


Beverage Processors






Industrial chemical companies


Medical supplier


Cosmetics Industries



Our Value Added Services

Customs Clearance

With our years of experience and a solid understanding of the process, we help you with customs clearance and adhere to the rules and regulations. Our experts in customs clearance will handle all the documentation and smooth processing of your perishable goods.

Cargo Insurance

Cover your loss or damage during your perishable cargo shipment domestically and internationally. Our tailored cargo insurance helps you get the right insurance coverage to avoid financial losses because of undesirable transit results.

Customer Portal

We have a self-help customer portal that can help you view your history of shipments with AIR 7 SEAS and also upload documents for specific claims or issues. Our portal also offers your 24*7 access to our professional customer support.


We can help you complete the best transportation mode for your perishable goods based on your requirements and budget. With a strong global network, we can arrange multiple modes of transport to ship your goods from origin to destination.

Regular Shipping credits

We have integrated a dedicated shipping credit system that offers credits to regular customers with a good reputation. With great discounts and offers, you can ship goods within the credit amount allocated to you without paying upfront. You have 30 days payment window once we complete the shipping process.

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