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Special Project Transportation

Special Project Transportation

End-to-End specialized project cargo solutions to help you transport your oversized, heavy, high-value cargo timely and within your budget.

Customized services for oversized cargoes

Strategical Plan

Strategic project cargo planning forms the core of our shipment processing. From securing cargo to risk management, our special cargo handling experts plan the nitty-gritty aspects of shipping the cargo cost-effectively and safely.

Route studies

With decades of experience in special and over-sized cargo transportation, we at AIR 7 SEAS are highly cautious about route studies during the shipment process. Our team determines the feasibility of transport and removes the possible obstacles for smooth processing.

Risk assessments

Our strategic risk assessment before starting the shipping can avoid theft or damage to the cargo, shipment delays, unexpected additional costs, or other undesirable situations. At AIR 7 SEAS, we follow professional operational standards learned from years of experience and knowledge to reduce the risk involved.

Cargo inspection

We don’t compromise on the quality of our project cargo services. Our skilled team will survey your cargo to ensure the sensitive cargo doesn’t damage other cargo during the loading, transit, or discharge.


Being a renowned heavy-lift shipping company, we follow the best strategies to store, handle, and secure your cargo. We have special equipment for handling overweight or over-dimensional cargo movement for quality results.

Customs Clearance & consultancy

AIR 7 SEAS has professional experts who can handle the U.S. customs process. We provide end-to-end support and robust procedure aligned with the U.S customs requirements to remove issues with your huge cargo transportation.

Extra security measures

With effective inspection and planning, we understand the sensitivity of your project cargo. Our team takes special measures to increase the safety of your special cargo by including extra padding, wrapping, or stuffing, weight distribution analysis to prevent in-transit cargo shifting, or temperature control.

Modern special equipment fleet

We have equipped our project cargo shipping teams with the best-in-class modern special equipment to offer you tailored solutions for your cargo shipment. From cranes to forklifts, we use the best-in-class equipment to minimize risk and maximize efficiency, even for overweight or over-dimensional cargo.

Vessel chartering

We also offer personalized vessel chartering services to help you book the entire vessel for transporting your special cargo. We have a strong network of leading project cargo freight forwarders, which can help you get your desired results at cost-effective pricing.

Cargo Insurance

Minimize your headaches with project cargo shipment and get tailored insurance policies from the leading insurance providers in the U.S. At AIR 7 SEAS, we have associations with all the insurance providers to help you get the best insurance coverage for your important cargo shipment.

We ship all types of special cargo

We are leading Freight Transportation Solution Provider since 1986 in USA. We deliver Your cargo - When You Need It and Where You Need It.

In gauge cargo

We can help you transport it, which can be then be stacked on flat racks or open-top containers in gauge. Our special cargo experts will analyze the special in-gauge cargo and fit it in the right container, so no additional cargo slots in the vessel are used.

Out of gauge cargo

At AIR 7 SEAS, we can handle the complexities of your out-of-gauge cargo shipments. We can handle OOG cargo processing at highly reasonable prices and ensure your shipment remains resistant to weathering and damage.

Break Bulk

Our expert team and robust ecosystem can streamline breakbulk shipping. At AIR 7 SEAS, we offer bulk resources and workforce coordination to handle break bulk cargo like locomotives, tugboats, pipes, tanks, and airplane components, among others.

Industry Project

Our 360° logistic project management can help you internationally transport industry project requirements like steel structures, preheaters, vehicles, etc. At AIR 7 SEAS, avail the agile ecosystem for shipping industry projects requirements.

Renewable energy Transportation

Our no-one-size-fits-all approach for moving specialized cargo can deliver excellent renewable energy transportation results. AIR 7 SEAS’s sustainable energy transportation services offer a combination of agility and cost-effectiveness for shipping power plant equipment, wind turbines, oil and gas facilities, etc.

Government & Military Projects

Our strong planning and state-of-the-art shipping ecosystem can handle special military or government cargo safely and securely. Regardless of the size, weight, or shape, we can smoothly process the cargo to the destination within the promised time.

Reason to count on us

Our robust approach to managing your eCommerce fulfillment enables us to stand out. We use state-of-the-art technologies and result-oriented strategies that minimize the bottleneck in the eCommerce shipment process and increase efficiency. We offer the most cost-effective rates for eCommerce shipments that deliver you the most efficient delivery results.

We have the financial stability to handle your project cargo shipment requirements irrespective of the scale, size, and complexities. We utilize our profits effectively by reinvesting in our existing ecosystem to create the most advanced project cargo solutions.
With AIR 7 SEAS, you get tailored solutions to simplify your complex project cargo requirements and get the desired results within your budget and time constraints. We can offer highly customized quotes for your unique project cargo shipment requirements.
We ensure we stay updated with state-of-the-art technology for our project cargo logistics management. We use the best software and technologies to save time and effort and increase the shipment process overall efficiency.
With our end-to-end logistic solutions, we at AIR 7 SEAS can serve as your long-term trusted partner handling your every unique logistic requirement. We can help you minimize your troubles with customs and compliance, freight forwarding, and logistic management.
At AIR 7 SEAS, we have an extensive partner network around the world to ensure that your shipment reaches the destination within the promised time and budget. From freight forwarders to insurance companies, we have long-term partnerships with all to help you achieve your project cargo shipment results.
We have integrated a dedicated shipping credit system that provides enticing offers and discounts to our regular customers on availing of the credits. With our strong association in the shipment and logistics industry, we can offer you the best unbeatable customized quotes for your requirements.



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