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Shipping to Latam

If you’re shipping cargo To/From Central America or South America, AIR 7 SEAS is the best choice for all your shipping needs.

Shipping services to and from Latin America

We are specialized at door to door and LCL/FCL container shipping consolidation services. We can take care of all your shipping needs like door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-door, ro-ro, container shipping services to and from Latin America. We can ship small packages and large items like motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, yachts, heavy cargo... etc. We ship to countries like Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Venezuela, Guatemala, Panama...etc.

Doing business with Latin America requires the right logistic experiment. AIR 7 SEAS knows the area, knows the culture can expedite your shipments more smoothly than anyone on earth. So ship with the company that specializes in Latin America.

ship to and from Latin America


A leading Freight Transportation Solution Provider since 1986 in USA. We deliver Your cargo - When You Need It and Where You Need It.

We ensure you get cost-effective and tailored freight shipping rates to deliver results within your budget. Our team will understand your freight requirements and provide customized quotes to avoid hurdles.
With years of expertise in providing tailored shipping solutions between the US and Mexico, we understand how to bypass the complexities of managing freight shipments of different scales. We can address your unique requirements with a wide range of freight shipment solutions.
Being a professional shipping company in the US and Mexico, we have a strong presence in the industry to help you achieve your desired shipment results. Our team is experienced and skilled to manage your cargo to Mexico and the US smoothly.
From courier providers to shippers, we have a solid network of freight shipping from Mexico to the USA and vice versa. Irrespective of the scale of your shipping requirements, we can offer you the most suitable solutions.
We offer end-to-end shipping services between the US and Mexico, which includes packing, unpacking, and paperwork to minimize the hassles during an international shipping process on your behalf.
We ensure you don’t worry about financial troubles if something unfortunate happens during the transit. At AIR 7 SEAS, you can get the best insurance consultation and services for better peace of mind during the shipping process.
At AIR 7 SEAS, we can ensure your shipment doesn’t suffer major issues during customs clearances while shipping from the US and Mexico and vice versa. Our team will ensure that the paperwork is sorted and there are no complications with the regulatory authorities.
We offer end-to-end freight shipment services between the US and Mexico with access to our online portal. You can access the portal to get real-time updates on your freight shipping from the USA to Mexico and vice versa.
We ensure you have the best shipping experience with our organization, and no hidden charges are included during the completion of the shipping project. Our team maintains complete transparency with the transit process and ensures you achieve your desired shipping outcomes without trouble.


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