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Ground Freight Service

100% Agile and Reliable Ground Freight Shipments Professional ground freight services certified by DOT / FMCSA / CTPAT / TSA

Ground Expedite

We have an expeditious ground freight service in the industry. You can access our tier 1 network of trusted ground freight carriers for your special loading requirements.

Achieve your shipment goals and ensure that your consignment is delivered to the destination within the promised time using our trains, truck, and other ground freight services.

Less than Truck Load (LTL)

Being an experienced ground freight forwarder, we offer tailored forwarding services for your LTL goods by combining other LTL goods until the truck is loaded.

Given that you will only be charged for the amount of space your goods take up in the truck, it is an economical way of transportation.

At AIR 7 SEAS, we take special care while planning a professional international LTL freight quote to fulfill your small volume shipment demand.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Full Truck Load (FTL) typically refers to shipments requiring the full capacity of a trailer's space. Generally, a 48 or 53-foot trailer is used to transport FTL shipments.

We at AIR 7 SEAS offer excellent FTL freight forwarding at competitive FTL carrier rates.

We handle the end-to-end FTL freight shipment process and ensure that the FTL transport reaches the destination in time.

FCL Container Drayage

We have carrier-owned containers (COC) or shipper-owned containers (SOC) strategically allied with the major ports in the United States.

Our FCL container drayage solutions offer different containers of 20', 40', 40' High Cube, or OpenTop via ground and rail.

Exclusive Trucks

We offer a wide network of freight trucks, including lowboy, reefer, flatbed, bulk & tanker, mega trailers & chassis.

Our talented team of experts arranges appropriate trucks to transport your cargo, and you get competitive rates in the industry.


We also offer rail freight shipment solutions with our two services: COFC (container on flat car) and TOFC (trailer on flat car).

For long-haul cargo shipments and heavy & out of gauge freight, AIR 7 SEAS provides rail transport which can help you minimize the shipment cost and transportation time.


AIR 7 SEAS ground freight services include barge services that can help you transport goods through rivers or canals.

We can offer you customized cost-effective quotes for barge services from or to Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Value added Services


We ensure ‌you get utmost care in handling materials, especially in transit. At AIR 7 SEAS, we specialize in end-to-end handling of high-value, high-touch products that can help ensure that there’s no compromise in the ground freight transportation and that your product reaches the destination safely at the specified time.


We handle international trade compliance, customs brokerage, cargo management, and transportation in Canada and Mexico. We ensure ‌you bypass the legal troubles during an international ground freight shipment and achieve your desired results with finesse.

Temperature controlled

Our specialized ground freight shipment process offers frozen, chilled, and controlled temperature expertise using state-of-the-art monitoring systems. Our freight trains and freight trucks use the best temperature-controlled ecosystem to ensure on-time and safe delivery of perishable goods.


We have a team of certified dangerous goods (DG) experts and licensed drivers to ensure that during shipping, special care is taken for dangerous goods to avoid harm or damage. We ensure your hazmat loads are safely delivered on time with no damage.

Oversize Loads

We have the trucks, trailers, and permits needed to haul oversized loads irrespective of the your consignment’s weight, length, or height. We also offer specialized rail freight solutions to help you handle oversized loads and streamline ground freight shipments.

Door-to-Door Service

You can also avail of our door-to-door delivery service that ensures the delivery of products from your warehouse to your customer’s location. You can avoid the hassle of consignment management and delivery operations as our professionals can handle the end-to-end ground freight delivery services.

Warehousing and distribution

We can handle the cross-dock, segregation, split deliveries, storage, labeling, palletization, and transloading. We ensure that the distribution and the warehousing of your ground freight consignment are smooth, and you don’t face hassles and troubles in completing the delivery process.

Pickup and delivery

We can help you with the pickup and delivery of freight loads from remote locations, residential, commercial, military bases, and docks. We provide real-time information about the product transportation that can help you achieve the desired results with finesse.

Packers & Movers

At AIR 7 SEAS, you can avail of professional packing and moving services for your ground freight. We offer loading, unloading, packing, crating, towing, auto handling, trash disposal, and survey services that help you save time and effort in the ground freight shipment process. You can place the request to avail of our packers and movers services, and our experts will be at your preferred destination.

Auto loading & shipping

We ensure the auto loading and shipping process regardless of your consignment being new, used, vintage/classic, salvage, or only the part thereof. Based on the requirements, we use vehicle carriers, lowboys trailers, haulings, flatbeds, inside trailers, and rail transportation to complete your ground freight service requests.

Block and brace

Our ground freight shipment solutions ensure blocking, i.e., preventing the load from moving laterally (side-to-side, front-and-back), and bracing, i.e., preventing the load from moving vertically (up-and-down). There’s no compromise in the safety and security precautions our team takes for smooth shipment processing.

Liftgate Service

We can handle your heavy cargo shipment by providing liftgate services. Our highly valuable lift gate delivery service involves loading shipment with the help of a truck equipped with an electric or hydraulic piece of equipment that enables it to lift heavy cargo.

Reason to count on us

A leading Freight Transportation Solution Provider since 1986 in USA. We deliver Your cargo - When You Need It and Where You Need It.

We ensure high equipment maintenance and workforce hiring standards that help us deliver the best ground freight shipping services to our customers in different industries.
Our trusted network with thousands of carriers helps us break down the complexities of ground freight shipment and simplifies achieving quality shipment services.
We offer the best ‌liability coverage in the industry and lower insurance rates that can help you minimize your expenses and increase your profits.
We offer simplified structure rates per lb/ kg that remove the complexity from the pricing process. We offer discounts based on the density or the revenue of the freight.
Our flexible billing choice between prepaid, collect, or third-party billing can help you get flexibility with the billing options and get tailored invoices.
Access the customer portal to inquire about‌ rates, track shipment/shipments, and upload necessary documents directly.
We help arrange suitable equipment for special cargo like exhibition goods, project cargos, breakbulk, towing service for auto, etc.



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