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Protect your cargo with AIR 7 SEAS affordable and versatile cargo insurance coverages

International Moving

Relocate your business across the globe no matter the size of the company with AIR 7 SEAS. Our services include customs compliance and clearance, assistance with insurance claims, and chalking out a way to help you relocate economically and swiftly. Being in the industry of commercial relocation for decades, we ensure complete safety and transparency during your office relocation. Our international corporate relocation includes moving employees, data center relocation, and office furniture and equipment transportation among others.

Long Distance Moving

We provide corporate relocation services from Canada and Mexico to foreign destinations and vice versa. AIR 7 SEAS also offers cost-effective office relocation services to the islands of Hawaii and Guam. We provide everything from expert packaging and unpacking of business products. We bring a variety of services with us, such as packing, unpacking, trash and debris removal, virtual moving survey, and On-Site coordination, to spare you the stress of relocation.

National Moving

Our end-to-end office relocations in inter and intrastate locations minimize your hassles in checking nitty-gritty aspects of transportation, goods matching, packaging, and secure unboxing. At AIR 7 SEAS, access the strongest interstate office relocation for a successful corporate move at an unparalleled price.

Corporate Moving Options

Our standard operational procedure enables us to streamline the complexities of managing commercial relocation services and deliver your desired results.

Employee Relocation

Our employee relocation services can help you to relocate a new or existing employee from one location to another. We have been helping companies to simplify employee relocations nationally and internationally to boost their business efficiency with no trouble.

IT and Critical Environmental Services

Our IT and Critical Environmental Services can effectively assist you with server room relocation. At AIR 7 SEAS, we take special care of server rack relocation to minimize the risk of damages or misplacement of important equipment. Our team labels the servers while packaging to ensure there are no troubles during unpacking and relocating your server room.

Commercial Storage

We offer a secure storage service to help place your office equipment safely in our commercial storage facility. Our services include short and long-term commercial storage solutions that fit your needs. AIR 7 SEAS modern storage space can accommodate great space for office furniture and equipment from any industry.

White glove services

Our professional white glove moving service provides relocation for all your unusual items, like medical equipment, lab equipment, and museum collections. We offer the best white glove services to ensure your belongings safely reach your new office location. At AIR 7 SEAS we offer you the most cost-effective commercial white glove shipping services.

Trash and Debris Removal

At AIR 7 SEAS, our trash removal service ensures that the boxes and other trash materials left out after relocating are removed. Our commercial trash removal experts are trained to handle office cleaning with finesse leaving a clean and hygienic place behind during your relocation.

Virtual Moving Survey

You can use our virtual moving survey to connect with our team online and show your location and items to be relocated.

It can help us estimate your commercial relocation requirements and the input required to provide an economic and prompt relocation experience for you. Based on the virtual moving survey, we can offer you the best and most cost-effective quotes to help you with commercial relocation.

Partial Packing

Our special partial packing service can assist you in completing the office packing process and minimize the effort of your commercial relocation. With years of experience handling office relocation projects, we handle partial packing tasks with finesse and ensure you get the best results. We can also pack and relocate the specific items required for relocation and charge you appropriately.

On-Site Coordination

AIR 7 SEAS experienced On-Site coordinators ensure that all the equipment is carefully handled, packed, and loaded at the origin and safely unloaded at the destination, while also coordinating and expediting the entire process for a smooth relocation.


A leading Freight Transportation Solution Provider since 1986 in USA. We deliver Your cargo - When You Need It and Where You Need It.

We offer a free virtual pre-moving survey to deliver cost-effective moving quotes online before relocating. Our experts understand your detailed relocation product and location requirements to plan accordingly and increase the effectiveness of our commercial relocation for your business.
During relocation, your office workstations will be out of action or unavailable. At AIR 7 SEAS, we aim to minimize downtime and process your relocation request most effectively and seamlessly. We promise the quickest turnaround time for your commercial relocation request and ensure there’s no damage during transit.
Our commercial relocation services aim to minimize the risk and ensure you get the best results. At AIR 7 SEAS, we use the most appropriate packaging materials for different office products and equipment to minimize the risk of potential damage.
We offer international commercial transportation by sea, land, or air. Being in the industry for nearly 4 decades, we make use of our wide and strong network to deliver your desired results according to your budget and specific requirements.
Even if the relocation requires shipping documentation, our team has experience handling complexities in preparing the required documents. Once we understand your requirements, we plan out the best strategies to get the required documentation completed prior to the relocation dates to avoid issues.
We offer you long and short-term storage solutions for your office products and equipment. Even if you are not ready for the new relocation space, our secure commercial storage space can help keep your products and equipment in the best condition.
At AIR 7 SEAS, we offer the best packing and transportation network for your commercial relocation. Our team will reach the spot to streamline your relocation process and arrange the required mode of transportation to move your office essentials to a new location.
Once we complete the transportation, our professional team will handle unpacking commercial goods inside your new location. We ensure safe and sound unpacking of your valuable office equipment and product and no damages and losses. We also offer relocation services to remote and inaccessible areas.
We have over 30 years of commercial relocation experience and the skill set to handle projects of any scale and complexity. Our professional team has the talent to handle your special requests for moving commercial goods carefully and assist you with the relocation. We understand the importance of office relocations, so we follow world-class standard operational procedures for the best experience for our clients.
We offer our international commercial relocation services to multiple countries. Our team handles long-distance transportation with accurate and precise execution to ensure you get the best office relocation results. As a leading corporate moving company, we minimize the complexities of packing and moving your office products, equipment, and servers to new locations across the globe.
We offer reliable commercial relocation shipment tracking online to help you get accurate tracking details within a few clicks. Our dedicated customer portal can help you get an overview of your office relocation process and keep track of the regular updates in transit.
We offer customized crating for your expensive office products and equipment. Our team ensures our crating is effective and elimiates damage and breakage during transit. At AIR 7 SEAS, we constantly aim to improve our packing process and the quality of crates used for transportation and shipment.
We at AIR 7 SEAS offer tailored commercial goods moving with door-to-door services for your office relocation. Our team can assist you with packaging and unpacking your office product and equipment to ensure you don’t face any troubles


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How we work?



Determine moving date

Select the date you want us to relocate your office. Advance date bookings can help us streamline our work.


Quote provided to customer for moving

Based on the virtual survey or other interactions, we can deliver you tailored quotes unparallel to other corporate moving companies.


A leading Freight Transportation Solution Provider since 1986 in USA. We deliver Your cargo - When You Need It and Where You Need It.


Booking of appropriate carrier

Once the quotation is finalized, we book the appropriate carrier based on your budget and time of delivery.


Packing and loading of goods/items

Our team will reach the destination on the booked date to pack and load the office goods for transportation.

Bring out


Transportation to destination

We’ll transport the goods to your new office location or our commercial storage space based on your requirements.


Delivery of goods

Our relocation experts ensure that the moving process is completed promptly without any delays.

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Our expertise help us handle the unique air freight shipping requirements for different industries domestically and internationally. Look at the top industries we deal with.



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