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Auto & Machinery

Access quick, safe, and affordable vehicle and machinery transport services from AIR 7 SEAS to achieve your desired results.

Automotive logistics services

Handling the meticulous planning and execution of the complicated car transportation process can be difficult. It requires a reliable transportation and logistic network and a professional team with the ability to handle tasks of such stature. That’s where AIR 7 SEAS offers end-to-end professional vehicle transport services that cover different modes of transportation, like rail, truck, Air, and marine.

Door-to-Door transport

Door-to-Door transport

We help in the door-to-door movement of auto components, replacement parts, and cars at the lowest operational cost possible. We ensure our tailored car and machinery shipping services solve your burdens and help you achieve desired business outcomes.

International Auto shipping

International Auto shipping

Our wide network in the auto transportation and logistics industry helps us deliver best-in-class international car shipping to simplify your supply chain process. We offer professional overseas auto shipping solutions for heavy equipment to lightweight cars.

Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed auto transport

From collector car to classic car transport, from auction to all types of auto transport, AIR 7 SEAS is the ideal choice for enclosed auto transport. Our reasonable auto shipping quotes ensure your automotive contents are transported on customized enclosed auto transport trailers without any issues.

Classic & luxury car transport

Classic & luxury car transport

As exotic and luxury vehicles carry a higher value, our team takes extra precautions to ensure their safe arrival at the destination. As the top car shipping company, we at AIR 7 SEAS minimize the friction of handling complex auto transportation projects using state-of-the-art technology and processes.

Hawaii & Guam auto shipping

Hawaii & Guam auto shipping

At AIR 7 SEAS, we help you with auto shipping to Hawaii and Guam. As leading auto movers, we offer unmatchable auto transport quotes with tailored services. We also help pack and unpack cars or heavy auto equipment while shipping cars overseas safely.

Roll On Roll Off

Roll On Roll Off

We maintain a strong network with freight companies offering roll-on/roll-off ships to help you carry your wheeled cargo to your desired destination. Our team ensures safety precautions are followed during transportation to minimize the risk.

Types of Auto we ship

From lightweight to heavy, from parts to a complete vehicle, we help you solve auto shipping issues and provide you with end-to-end tailored solutions. With years of experience transporting automobiles to different parts of the world, we understand the complexity and seriousness of the task. Our team is well-trained to handle your requirements, irrespective of their scale. Here are some top autos types we ship:

  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Motorcycle & ATV
  • Jet Skis
  • Boats & Yachts
  • All type of cars
  • Aircrafts

We Serve to

Our range of auto-shipping solutions cater to different industries and niches. We follow standard operating procedures to deliver result-oriented solutions for individuals and auto niche businesses. We maintain complete transparency to build long-lasting trust with our clients.


Relocating People

Move your car to your new destination.


Online Car Buyer

Get your new car delivered safely.


Motor Cycle Enthusiasts

Ride the bike you desire with safe transportation.


OEM Companies

Ship the original auto repair parts.


Auto Dealerships & groups

Provide your customers with the parts they want.


Diplomats Relocation

Government vehicle relocation


Classic Car Lovers

Luxury and vintage car transportation

Machinery Shipping

We can help you ship machinery and machine parts to your desired location with effective solutions based on your requirements. Our tailored machinery shipment results can help you reduce the chance of damages or unexpected costs.

Oversized Cargo Shipping

Oversized Cargo Shipping

We offer specialized trailers to ensure you can ship your oversized cargo to its destination. Irrespective of the size of the machinery, we can help you with the transportation process.

Heavy Hauling

We also offer heavy hauling capabilities to move your oversize equipment large for road travel without a special permit. Mostly farm and construction equipment requires heavy hauling.

Equipment Exporting

We provide everything for the export of your equipment overseas. With years of experience, we understand the nitty-gritty aspects of handling the complications of international shipments of heavy machinery.

Break Bulk

Break Bulk

We also offer breakbulk ocean shipping for your machine parts or heavy equipment if it’s hard to fit in standard-size shipping containers. We roll, lift, or push the cargo onto a ship using bags, drums, boxes, crates, barrels, or other handling equipment.

Heavy Equipment Crating & Loading

The safety of your heavy equipment is our priority. Our team uses professional crating and loading methods using the ideal crates to protect your freight while in transit.

Types of Machinery we ship

We can help you transport different machinery types based on your requirements. Our robust team of experts implements the best strategies and techniques to ensure we can help you transport heavy machinery to your destination.

  • Heavy Duty Power Generators
  • Jet Engines
  • Mining Equipment
  • Auto Transmissions
  • Conveyor Equipment.
  • Transformers
  • Automobile Engines
  • Forklifts
  • Drills
  • Tractors

Reason to count on us

A leading Freight Transportation Solution Provider since 1986 in USA. We deliver Your cargo - When You Need It and Where You Need It.

We offer unparallel quotes to deliver you end-to-end auto transport services nationally and internationally. We also offer customized transportation offers based on your unique requirements to ensure you get the best solutions.
With a solid network in the transportation and logistics industry, we can handle your project requirements irrespective of scale and size. We have partnered with the leading freight companies and other delivery partners to provide you with best-in-class auto shipment solutions.
Our professional customer support can help you resolve all your queries and doubts and ensure you can get your desired auto transportation solutions. We offer support to deliver friendly customer service.
We also offer top-loading, which can protect your vehicle from fluid leaks from other vehicles. With two decks or levels in the auto transport trailer, you can receive your shipment content safely with minimal chances of small rock chips occurring.
We help you pick, load, and unload your auto-shipment content to help you escape the hassles and achieve the desired results. Our expert team will be available at the pickup location during your selected window.
With nearly 40+ years of experience helping businesses and individuals transport their cars, we can help you achieve your shipment goals with the utmost safety. We understand even the minutest details and requirements of the car shipping process and strive to deliver the best experience to our clients.
We have integrated a dedicated shipping credit system that offers great discounts and offers to our regular customers who avail of the credits. You can get the best quote for your auto-shipping requirement with cost-effective pricing and shipping credits.


Software Developer

As a first-time shipper, I chose Air 7 Seas to move three pallets of home goods from the USA to England. Vincent and his team were incredibly patient and answered every email, explaining all the terms clearly. Despite my stress and impatience, they remained calm and supportive throughout. My goods arrived within the promised time and in perfect condition. Thank you, Air 7 Seas, for an outstanding experience!

Moriah Messineo-Benge
Founder and CEO

Working with Air 7 Seas was a great experience. Vincent and Mathew were communicative, responsive, and very caring from the beginning. They ensured all my questions and concerns were addressed. Their team worked equally great. Highly recommend these guys!

Nitasha Kumar
Human Resource

We had an excellent experience with Air7seas. Their customer service was top-notch, and they consistently kept us updated on our shipment's progress. They delivered our container on time, and their communication was exceptional. Special shout-out to Naomi and Matthew, who were incredibly helpful and quick to answer our questions. Highly recommend Air7seas for your future shipping needs!

Lorita Teng


Fresh fruits and nuts
Fresh fruits and nuts

We ensure you can ship fresh fruits and nuts without exposing them to a heated environment or an unfavorable shipment process.


Minimize the transit time and maintain the quality of your vegetables with AIR7SEAS’ professional shipment services.

Spices and Dried Herbs
Spices and Dried Herbs

We securely pack the species and dried herbs to maintain their quality for better shipment results.

Food Items
Food Items

Fresh and frozen seafood, poultry, meat, eggs, cheese, dairy products, bread, and frozen foods have a short shelf life, therefore, a short selling time. We ensure that safety and quality are maintained with quick transportation results.

Baked Goods and Confectionary
Baked Goods and Confectionary

Shipping time-sensitive baked products and confectionery requires utmost dedication in packaging and transportation. We at AIR7SEAS do that with utmost care and efficiency while maintaining its shelf-life.


We help in the safe and fresh transportation of cut flowers, florist greens, tropical flowers, and potted plants. Our professional air quality management, temperature control, room pressure, and cooling technology help us deliver the best flower shipping results.

Cosmetics Products
Cosmetics Products

We ensure your cosmetics products don’t get impacted by unfavorable external factors, which helps maintain the quality of the products.

Pharmaceutical drugs
Pharmaceutical drugs

When shipping or storing temperature-dependent medicines, we ensure controlled room temperatures (CRT).

Our Value Added Services

Customs Clearance

With our years of experience and a solid understanding of the process, we help you with customs clearance and adhere to the rules and regulations. Our experts in customs clearance will handle all the documentation and smooth processing of your perishable goods.

Cargo Insurance

Cover your loss or damage during your perishable cargo shipment domestically and internationally. Our tailored cargo insurance helps you get the right insurance coverage to avoid financial losses because of undesirable transit results.

Customer Portal

We have a self-help customer portal that can help you view your history of shipments with AIR7SEAS and also upload documents for specific claims or issues. Our portal also offers your 24*7 access to our professional customer support.


We can help you complete the best transportation mode for your perishable goods based on your requirements and budget. With a strong global network, we can arrange multiple modes of transport to ship your goods from origin to destination.

Regular Shipping credits

We have integrated a dedicated shipping credit system that offers credits to regular customers with a good reputation. With great discounts and offers, you can ship goods within the credit amount allocated to you without paying upfront. You have 30 days payment window once we complete the shipping process.

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